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It's gonna be a long sporty weekend so I thought I'd better do something here to explain my absence! I am off to Dublin on Saturday to see the one and only Bernard Dunne. I went to the last fight in the O2 Arena with Gavin. It was one hell of an experience! Not to mention the Grand Slam win earlier that day. That fight ignited an interest in boxing for me, so much so that I went ahead and surprised the better half with tickets for this fight. I don't think I've ever seen him stunned to a state of speechlessness up until that moment in time. I wished so dearly I had a camera then! The look of poor joy, happiness and surprise was amazing to see! And the hug afterward he got over the shock was def worth it! So we planned and chatted and now it's late on thursday night and the fight is less then two days away.....the ads are everywhere on tv and the excitement is mounting......The Almost Daily Sports Blog is as busy as I've ever seen it Gavin, and I guess I'll be helping somehow, will be working hard all day to protray the excitement and nerves in Dublin city all day on Saturday. How will he do this you ask?? I could say simple but after he work I've seen him put into this all week I know I would be telling tale tails. Gavin, the genius will be doing a live blog on Saturday. OH YES HE IS!!

But our sports weekend starts tomorrow, Friday, with a Connacht v Ulster rugby match. I know, people are shocked that I'm putting this much effort into sports, so much so that I'm writing about it! Weird I know. It's not me. Saturday has one other vital sporting event that I almost forgot to mention.....I know I should be ashamed! Saturday is Premier League day! Which means the Fantasy League is going full steam ahead! Gavin better be ready to be beaten, yet again!! I have my changes made, my sub bench ready to go and IF this week is anything like the last few weeks it will be good! I am ahead by almost 20 points and I am loving it!!! I'll let you know who wins this week!! The sporty weekend continues Sunday with F1 in Singapore. See, he must be worth it! Thats a lot of sport for a Hellie! But I am still looking forward mostly to the fight on Saturday night, mad I know but hey the last fight was fantastic so I'm sure this weeks will be equally brilliant.....

Early bird catches the worm, and we will be up early saturday morning to bring Penny Lane to the Luas and onto Baile Atha Cliath with Hellie and Gavin!

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