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It's a busy day in my house today. The little sister has started college, day one 9am class on a monday morning and the hustle and bustle of the house began at the crack of dawn. I slept through it. All of it. YAY I am great! By all accounts she's on her way back earlier then we thought today......let the dossing begin! I am an expert at the whole dossing thing, as you can see by my early afternoon blog when I know I should be doing sociology for tomorrows class. She takes after me so she does. I find Facebook to be the best distraction from study, Farmville will be the reason I fail. Other then blaming Farmville I can also claim that without a printer I cant get the notes I need to study for tomorrow since the pc isn't online these days.....Great excuses one and all. But mainly I blame Ellen De Generas, its the day time tv has me dossing. But while we're on the subject of Ellen, can someone please explain to me why it is September 21st and Ellen is doing the 12 days of Christmas giveaway?? I know its TV3 but come on people its september? Its still back to school month. And NO Debanhams it is NOT ok to have christmas decorations and presents on display since the first of september. WHoever told you that it is ok was LYING to you! Big time! So now that I can safely assume that it is Christmas 08 that Ellen is in bout I can say that makes it even worse.....We can only Deal with one christmas at a time people!! I'm not a fan of this shop early thing either, ya I'd love to be that organised but my god people have you no lives?? Why would anyone go out to town on a sat to shop for christmas???


EDIT: to finish the post!!

The christmas thing is really getting to me now. After I very rudely ran off this afternoon with only half a blog done for the day I happened to overhear a pair of older women discussing Christmas, ok fair enough I get the whole recession thing, we're all tight for cash this year and starting the great big shop early is def best for us all. But its all well and good doing the shopping early but do we have to look at the decorations as well?? Whats next?? Christmas Carols in July?? Actuallt don't get me started on that.....Subway in Cork, just opposite the bus station, has randomly had a christmas song playing all year long. I first heard it in March and thought how cute. But when I was there in late August this year with my sister and the song was on again I began to wonder.....Are Subway just trying to torment me? I think so! I dread the beginning of the christmas carols in shops, I say no chhristmas carols allowed in shops until Christmas week when we can stroll around the city and enjoy the freezing weather, the hot chocolates and the joy in the air.

Til then, Christmas F**k off!!

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