My Saturday Afternoon in!

So my weekend is turning out to be the same as my week days. Alone and bored I am. Again. So I decided to go back to my childhood and have a Disney day. So I'm curled up on my bed watching Aladdin. As you may have guessed the above is my ultimate fav disney song. Still gives me goosebumps when I hear it! I am the ultimate big child I know. But it's such a happy film. That and Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King which are all symbols and ways to sum up my childhood I guess. I'm a total Disney nerd. I loved the Disney shop in Belfast and I still regret not getting myself a Micky Mouse keyring. Which I'm sure Gav thinks I'm already well on my way to crazy!!

The Genie has just arrived on my screen-I love Robin Williams! He's amazing, such a a large collection of fantastic voices. He's one of a kind. I loved him in Mrs Doubtfire and Hook! One of my fav non Disney films as a child growing up! I loved it! I love Peter Pan so I guess it stands to reason that I'd love Hook! I always wanted to fly.... And obviously Aladdin (I wanted his flying carpet as a kid too!) He's a very talented man. Although I'll be the first to admit that there are quite a few films in which he doesn't use his talents quite as we'd like to see him use them. Either way that won't take away from my afternoons entertainment of Aladdin.

Disney really did a great job of this film. I had the VHS when they were out. It was such a huge treat to be brought to see a Disney film in the cinema. Even having a Disney on video was a huge deal. Now thanks to my lil sis I have it on DVD! The quality is fantastic! So clear! The colours are so bright! And the storyline is exceptional! Well I am biased! The jokes and gags in this are amazing, I'm in knots laughing! Some of those ones that only the grown ups will get! The music in this is beyond great. I could have Disney songs in my car all day and be more than happy!

Wise words today?   Relive your childhood and enjoy it!

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