ICT in Education conference, Thurles

Eugh the alarm is going to go off in a few mins I stupidly thought to myself. I decided to get up and be over prepared and start getting ready for the conference a wee early. I was still half asleep and didn't notice that it was still pitch black outside and I was getting dressed a good 3 hours too early. Back to bed.....
When the alarm finally went off I was too asleep to want to get up! I stumbled down to have breakfast and met @Documentally aka Christian Payne! Since I was without my Penny Lane still I was lucky enough to have good friends Mags and Ban on hand with space in the back seat for lil ole me! On our arrival it was lovely to meet up with lots of twitter friends, some of whom I'd met at the conference in Port Laois others I was meeting for the first time. All of whom I really enjoyed meeting.

The keynote talk was with @Documentally/Christian Payne, the talk was live streamed and recorded for anyone who missed it! Just click on the link. Christian is such an inspiring speaker, I came away with a lot of new ideas, thoughts and a general feel good vibe! Ciaran McCormack added to this by telling us all about Fis and his online book club with a twist! The Fis Book Club is where children can review books on video and upload them to share with other members! What a great way to start the conference!!

The first talk I went to was with @Donenda about the uses of Edmodo. What on earth is Edmodo I hear you ask? Well Edmodo looks an awful lot like a certain social network called (I think??) Facebook? Well Edmodo has its differences. Firstly it's education based, it's more like a mini social network for a class or school. So that one admin or teacher can leave posts, comments etc for the pupils. Looks great for class use and doing extra curricular stuff at home. I can also see its uses in setting homework, once kids and parents get into the swing of checking it every night!

Next up was my talk about blogging! With the help of Nigel Lane of course! So we had our talk in IT Tipp and people actually turned up to see us! There were a few questions, people clapped and seemed really happy! To be honest I was surprised enough to be asked to do a talk at the conference and I was even more surprised when people turned up. I was really happy with how it went. And I loved working with Nigel, he's such a nice guy and made it so easy to go in and give this presentation even when I was a wee nervous! So if you're reading this thanks Nigel! I've put a copy of my presentation here on the blog so you can it if you missed it! But if you did miss it shame on you for not coming to see me and say HI!!
Blogging Conference

It was lunch time after that!! A well earned break and rest for us! And more time to chat with friends and meet new people!
After lunch I went to a presentation by Stephan Howel, @Saorog on how to use Scratch, click the link to download it. It's an amazing system that allows you to create your own animations and games. Would be great to use with a 5th or 6th class right into secondary level. I had great fun with it and Stephan made it all so easy! He then connected his kinect (from the xbox) to the laptop so we were able to move and see ourselves as the scratch cat on the screen. Very cool!! We had great fun playing around with the kinect and scratch! I've downloaded the software (for free) to get some practice in so that I too can make such games as Stephan has done!! I'm really looking forward to having fun with it and I MAY (not promising anything) share some of my creations here with you!

After a wonderful talk from Dermot Casey it was time to call it a day....With my brain on overload and full of new ideas I said a quick goodbye to some friends. A quick hello to others as I showed off the kindle (buts another story for another day) and went to the train station, with the help of Mags and Ban again! I was shattered with loads of ideas and I couldn't stop talking....Poor Gavin!! Can't wait to go back again next year!
Thanks again to everyone who made it a great day for us teachers! Thanks Pam, Mike and Bernie and everyone else who I have mentioned! I had a ball!!

Wise words today? Go to ICTEDU next year, I'll be there!


  1. Thanks for the mention Helen, it was a pleasure working with you and an even greater pleasure meeting you!

  2. Thanks for agreeing to present with me!! really enjoyed it and enjoyed meeting you face to face too!!


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