We're all going on our Summer Holidays?

So it's now July and every primary teacher in the country is enjoying a well deserved rest! Well mostly. There are a few nut jobs, including yours truly, who's working during the holidays!
Yep you guessed it tomorrow is the 4th of July...which means I'm BACK! Back to TEFL teaching in Moyle Park for my 4th year. I'm now a experienced teacher there! Weird huh? This year you can expect the usual blog posts here about how I'm getting on as a teacher there but now you can also expect blog posts from my students. I'll be sure to tweet the links as soon as we've got them up and running. The idea is to give them the chance to show off their english to native speakers in a different manner so I'd be only delighted if you would PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE comment???

Usually I have a basic class for beginners or the level just above it so be nice....and comment lots! They have to keep a daily journal that's inspected and corrected by me so some of those entries will be posted along with some that the whole class have written together. It really would mean a lot to them if there were lots of comments....

I'll be there for 3 weeks this year. I won't be doing the final week of the course. I'm hoping to spend some time this summer enjoying my first real summer off in a long long long time. My first TEFL summer I was applying for Hibernia, year 2 I was off to the Gaeltacht at the end of the third week and last year I was up the walls with study for the final exams. There were just 2 weeks between the end of the summer course and the start of the exams. This year I'm going to ENJOY the summer! Trips to Kerry, trips home to the family before my sis heads off to the states and trips to Galway. And if I'm real lucky even a holiday? Fingers crossed for the big lotto win!

So any suggestions for things to do this summer are welcomed! Me and the camera really wanna have some fun this year!

Wise words today? Keep doing the lotto for greater chances of the best holiday ever!


  1. I find it hard to avail of a summer vacation ever since I started working. My hectic schedule just won't allow it. I may forfeit it entirely.

  2. Fingers crossed this year will be different for us both!!


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