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I love days off, probably a little too much but it's true I really do love a good day off! There is nothing like sitting in all cozy on the sofa with a good book, a book you just can't put down! I'd like to think that was a valid reason to take English lit in UCC, a fab excuse to read! Right? I enjoyed it either way! That love of reading hasn't changed over the last few years and I still love reading. So after getting a Kindle from Gav for Christmas my book collection grew.....and grew..... And finding others with a kindle, people who probably use it in many different ways, with different tastes was amazing! So in a fit of madness I decided we needed somewhere to chat other then twitter, and set up a forum for discussion! I'd love it if you joined in the chat, having a Kindle isn't a priority or even a necessity, all you need is a love of reading and books to join in!
It's a great project to keep me busy and I'm enjoying seeing people getting involved and sharing what they read and trying out new things! Not to mention, it's a great start for us primary teachers on the theme of literacy for the next school year! Practice what you preach and all that!

Speaking of practicing what I preach, I've landed myself into a tough challenge! I've entered into a competition...a weight loss comp. I won't say against who but I'll say it's a personal competition with €100 prize at the end. So by 23rd of September 2011 there will be a weigh in to see who wins the €100 and I want it. I make no bones about it, I want that prize. It turns out I've got a serious competitive side and don't like losing! So if there's anyone with some suggestions out there or offers of exercise buddies locally I'd be delighted!

 Feel free to email, tweet or comment here to offer help and support! I'm going to need it! Meanwhile I'll keep ye all up to date with my progress!! 

Wise words today? Stop eating, walk more and keep reading! Pref not books about weight loss though!!

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  1. Update.....already!!
    Did my first weigh in tonight. So in the spirit of being honest with the world (and hoping my honesty gains help and support) I'm starting out at 11stone 8 with my first goal of 8stone 11. I did an ok walk, nothing amazing and had a very healthy tasty dinner afterwards. Hows that for being honest?

    Also anyone know how to get a gadget here for tumblr??

    Cheers Hellie :D


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